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Here's an episode where we say "thank you for listening" at least three times, maybe four..., but we also share a lot of our heartfelt thoughts on why we started this podcast. 

As the library remains closed until further notice, we're hoping to bring you a couple more podcast exclusives in April. Keep following our social media feeds for more information. You can also reach us at: info@ferndalepubliclibrary.org 


A Little Too Quiet: Season One Finale

That's a wrap on season one of A Little Too Quiet. We're grateful to everyone who downloaded, streamed, or shared episodes of our new podcast. We're also grateful to the Friends of the Ferndale Library for making this podcast a reality. 

The library remains closed until further notice, but since we had already produced this episode in-advance, we wanted to share it with you.

We hope you are taking advantage of our online resources and listening to some audiobooks that you could download with your library card! If you need MORE things to listen to in the weeks ahead--well, then this podcast is here for you, also! 

In this episode, Kelly and Jeff look back on some of their favorite memories that occurred in this library over the last 10 years, from the eclipse of 2017, to party-starting marching bands, to globally renowned authors flying in from Ireland!

Images from 2011, when author John Connolly visited Ferndale


Libraries aren’t as quiet as they used to be. We're a podcast for library lovers and the library curious. Stay tuned for more book chatter with librarians, community perspectives and author interviews.


A Little Too Quiet: Joe Grimm & The Faygo Book


The library remains closed until further notice as we follow safety measures for containing the spread of coronavirus. We were sad to cancel our event with author Joe Grimm, but we had already recorded this interview with the man behind the Faygo Book, so we still wanted to share that via our podcast! 

We had a great chat with Joe Grimm, author of The Faygo Book" the social history of a company that has forged a bond with a city and its residents for more than a century...The story of a pop, a people, and a place! Joe Grimm previously wrote the book Coney Detroit with Katherine Yung (Wayne State University Press, 2012). A lifelong Detroit-area resident and twenty-five-year veteran of the Detroit Free Press, Grimm is a Michigan State University journalism professor. His favorite Faygo flavor is Rock & Rye.



A Little Too Quiet: Online Resources

The Ferndale Library has closed until further notice. But that doesn't mean you can't keep reading! You could try eBooks or audiobooks. In fact, if you listen to this episode, we'll tell you about ALL of our ONLINE RESOURCES! If you are not a Ferndale Library cardholder, you can ask YOUR library about what they might be offering online, in the meantime. 

Ferndale cardholders can start accessing these online resources here: 

If you have any questions, please email:


And you can leave us a voicemail at:


A Little Too Quiet: Interviews with Carolyn Striho & Scotty Iulianelli

We are chatting with two local musicians, both of whom have flourished in pursuit of artforms adjacent to music. The award-winning singer/songwriter Carolyn Striho visits us first to discuss her new book of poetry and lyrics, 'Detroit (Maiden Energy).' Striho is a veteran of the local (and global) rock and folk music scenes, but she shares several of her influences in the poetic arts... (not mentioned on the show, but included here, would be icons like Nikki Giovanni, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Shakespeare, and Amiri Baraka). Striho also talks about the role that libraries played in her life, (as writing and reading have been lifelong passions for her). 
Striho is scheduled to perform at the Cadieux Cafe on April 25. 
After that, guitarist Scotty Iulianelli (of the band Bars of Gold) stops by to talk about his fascination with pedals and amps--and how he wound up in the world of graphic design as Analog Prints, drawing intricate portraits of various gear utilized for recording and live performance. Iulianelli works just down the street from the Ferndale Library, over at Vintage King Audio. Iulianelli was initially set to lead a presentation all about guitar pedals, but it has been canceled indefinitely, due to public health concerns regarding Covid 19. We will either reschedule or create a new podcast episode (all about guitar pedals)--stay tuned. 

A Little Too Quiet: “Professional Recommenders”

Reference Librarian Susan Paley is here to talk about genres, and so much more! Paley leads monthly in-staff book club meetings designed to strengthen a key component of a librarian's service to patrons--specifically: "Readers Advisory." We'll get into that, as well as talk about genres like horror and romance, along with Paley's efforts to enrich the library's collection of audiobooks, and travel books. 
 Coming soon, a new International Collection that Paley collaboratively developed with Youth Services Librarian Jordan Wright. 

A Little Too Quiet: Information Connection

On today's episode, we're linking up the ongoing efforts of two librarians and finding common cause: the information connection! Librarians like Michelle Williamson (Adult Services) and Jasmine Parker (Youth/Teen Services) are equipping their patrons with the capability to be wise and savvy interpreters of the deluge of information streaming through their individual social feeds on a daily basis, and encouraging them to always ask more questions and be as prepared as possible to be participants in a democratic society. Significant and as vital as that sounds, it's just one of the many things that librarians (as well as teachers) are doing on a daily basis.


We're talking with Parker about programs that widen the perspectives of teen patrons and get them interested in asking more questions about the way the world works. Williamson, meanwhile, is talking about the second set of Information Literacy panel discussions that we have coming up soon, starting in April.

Click here to watch the first Ferndale Library panel discussion on media literacy, from January 2018


A Little Too Quiet: …with a Little Help from our Friends

Today, we're hearing the stories of Laurinda Ross, the treasurer of our Friends of the Ferndale Library group. Ross is a lifetime library supporter and a lifetime supporter of local arts, whether it's here in Metro Detroit, or back in her native state of California, where she was an active attendee of live music events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ross tells us all about California, the Berkeley CA Library, and especially about the sense of community she found when she joined the library's Friends group. We also talk about the ways in which libraries are inherently welcoming spaces for everyone, no matter what, as well as a welcoming and safe space for all ages. We also talk a good bit about baking! 

As referenced in the episode, here's an image of last year's CAKE OFF, hosted by the Friends


For more info, visit: http://ferndalefriends.org/ 

Follow the Friends on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ferndalelibrary/
And, if you've been keeping up with their ongoing 'Book It To Your Couch 5k (five-thousand pages' read), find info on social media about today's check-in!


A Little Too Quiet: Author Donald Levin

Ferndale-based author Donald Levin visited our library to talk about his six (and soon to be seven) part series of Martin Preus Mysteries. Levin is an award-winning fiction writer and poet and has held several jobs over the years, many of them intrinsically involving the written word. Along with discussing his mysteries, Levin also spoke about more of his newer works, including one novella-sized entry into a triptych of dystopian fiction, and a follow-up book titled 'The Exile,' which is Book 2 in his new Dry Earth Series. We talk a lot about how Levin's aforementioned mystery series is set predominantly in Ferndale! 






A Little Too Quiet: Book Battles and Book Parties

We're welcoming back the library's Assistant Director, Darlene Hellenberg, to talk about the Adult Battle of the Books event coming up at the end of March.


We're also talking about the bittersweet ending of a long-running program that Hellenberg hosted called Book Party, where patrons and friends met inside a local bar for an atypical "book club" gathering.