Ophelia Crane Reads From ‘3 a.m.’

Our mini-series featuring scary stories from local authors continues with Ophelia Crane. 

This is the pen name of Tekedra Lofton, a local librarian. She's published several novels over the last decade. Today, she's reading a particularly creepy story from her anthology, 3 a.m. 



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Kathe Koja’s Vampire Story From ‘Velocities’

For the next few weeks, "A Little Too Quiet" becomes "A Little Too Spooky."


We'll feature three local authors reading short stories that uniquely conjure eerie, scary, or just downright spooky ambiance. 


This week, Kathe Koja reads a story from her recently released collection, 'Velocities.' 




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Steve Greene - https://stevegreene.bandcamp.com/

Additional background music by John Duffy of Pato Y Pato - https://patoypato.bandcamp.com/ 


Casey Rocheteau on Poetry

Casey Rocheteau is a writer & poet based in Detroit; the inaugural winner of the Write A Home artist residency from 2014. We spoke with Rocheteau about growing up in Cape Cod, her formative experiences as a writer in the New England area, her time in the Slam Poetry scene, and a supernatural encounter with what may or may not have been the ghost of Charles Bukowski! 

Rocheteau recently read/performed two works of poetry for the Ferndale Library virtual author showcase, Beginning | Middle | End.



Discussed in this episode
Rocheteau's writing, such as The Dozen. 


The Detroit Justice Center

Also, Ramune Soda! 



Scary Books (Halloween Special)

Since it's October, we can't resist running through some of our all-time favorite scary books! Staff members discuss some of the most sensationally creepy novels from the horror genre. 

Music provided by Steve Greene (of Voyag3r) and John Duffy (of Pato Y Pato). 


Discussed in this episode
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Josh Malerman's Unbury Carol
Stephen King: IT,  The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box & the Locke & Key graphic novel series
Shirley Jackson's The Lottery & The Haunting of Hill House
Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Fear Street series by R.L. Stine
Victor Lavalle's The Changeling
Margaret Atwood's Oryx & Crake
Justin Cronin's The Passage
Jason Moss' The Last Victim
Daniel Cohen's Phone Call from a Ghost
Alvin Schwartz' In A Dark Dark Room
Jay Anson's Amityville Horror 

Find them all in our online catalog. www.ferndalepubliclibrary.org 


Banned Books Week

Youth Librarian Elissa Zimmer joins us to talk about the unique role librarians can play when it comes to connecting young patrons and students to reading material that will expand their perspectives, help them feel seen, help them process their emotions, and gain a better understanding of the world and different experiences. That being said, there have been plenty of books--particularly the classics--that are often celebrated for doing all of those aforementioned things, but have also been challenged or banned inside of public schools and across community districts because of disputes with some of the contents, characters, or subject matter. That's why the American Library Association started Banned Books Week. What is Banned Books? You'll have to listen to our episode to hear more. 



Discussed in this episode:
Suggested Reading by Dave Connis

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

The 100 Most Challenged or Banned Books by decade


And if you are interested in a book bundle for kids, call us at 248-546-2504, or email: info@ferndalepubliclibrary.org 



John Duffy Talks ‘Synthesizers In The Library’ and Podcast Theme Music

John Duffy is a lifelong lover of music who first started experimenting with on an electric piano in 4th grade, leading to guitar in high school, and several bands after that. Somewhere over the last decade, he became particularly enamored with modular analog synthesizers! Duffy is a high school teacher by day (and we talk about the surrealism of virtual learning), but we especially talk about his musical hobbies. Duffy is the creator of the music you hear on the intro and outtro of this podcast, as well as providing the interstial ambiance for lots of our virtual video events. 

This Saturday, at 3:30pm, Duffy is one of FOUR presenters for Synthesizers In The Library, an exclusive ZOOM event. Click here to join us on that date and time! 

And to hear more of the music that Duffy has been making, particularly with his main collaborative partner, Mark Maynard, as Pato Y Pato, click here: https://patoypato.bandcamp.com/  //  http://tiny.cc/synthexpo


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