A Little Too Quiet: Interviews with Carolyn Striho & Scotty Iulianelli

March 13, 2020
We are chatting with two local musicians, both of whom have flourished in pursuit of artforms adjacent to music. The award-winning singer/songwriter Carolyn Striho visits us first to discuss her new book of poetry and lyrics, 'Detroit (Maiden Energy).' Striho is a veteran of the local (and global) rock and folk music scenes, but she shares several of her influences in the poetic arts... (not mentioned on the show, but included here, would be icons like Nikki Giovanni, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Shakespeare, and Amiri Baraka). Striho also talks about the role that libraries played in her life, (as writing and reading have been lifelong passions for her). 
Striho is scheduled to perform at the Cadieux Cafe on April 25. 
After that, guitarist Scotty Iulianelli (of the band Bars of Gold) stops by to talk about his fascination with pedals and amps--and how he wound up in the world of graphic design as Analog Prints, drawing intricate portraits of various gear utilized for recording and live performance. Iulianelli works just down the street from the Ferndale Library, over at Vintage King Audio. Iulianelli was initially set to lead a presentation all about guitar pedals, but it has been canceled indefinitely, due to public health concerns regarding Covid 19. We will either reschedule or create a new podcast episode (all about guitar pedals)--stay tuned.