A Little Too Quiet: Dalia Reyes

Dalia Reyes is an interdisciplinary artist, independent arts administrator and arts instructor from Southwest Detroit, and she'll be exhibiting her works here at the Ferndale Library in June! Dalia has been working in the arts sector for more than fifteen years, but she's been passionate about drawing and illustration since elementary school. We talk to Reyes about the positive ways in which a work of art can serve its audience, primarily by restoring and refreshing our auras. We also talk about the value of the social interactions that come with visiting galleries, (and she has lots of experience working in the gallery world). While we're at it, we should also talk about the importance of putting value ON a piece of art! http://daliareyes.com/

Reyes has worked in arts and culture-based non-profit organizations ranging from local galleries, arts fellowship organizations, and museums. Her work is cosmic, meditative and focuses on a metaphysical curiosity as well as surreal imagery. 

In this episode, you'll hear us discussing two books that Reyes brought with her: 

Mati & the Music
and Tiger Flower





A Little Too Quiet: Nadir Omowale

We're chatting with singer/songwriter/producer Nadir Omowale, an award-winning musician and the leader of a formidable funk-rock ensemble. Nadir Omowale gave a memorable performance at one of our Summer Concert Series showcases, and it was with his advice and encouragement that we wound up substantially enhancing our gear game at the library, particularly when it comes to sound systems for live events.


Omowale was raised in Tennesse, but has had a lifelong love of Motown, but especially funk music. He's adept at several other genres, like rock and soul, but even some country. He's produced several records and collaborated with dozens of local artists in the Metro Detroit area, but he resides just a block or so away from the library. We spoke with Omowale about his love of music, but especially about the influence of (not only icons like Prince,) but his mother, who was a dedicated volunteer to community causes, including serving on her local library board. 

You can see Nadir perform with his funk trio at Bowlero Lanes' Lounge on February 29. 

He will be performing at the Southfield Public Library on Wed., June 17





A Little Too Quiet: Youth Librarianship

We'll be honest and tell you that this episode was almost going to be titled: "...You Might Have To Clean Up Some Pee..." Just kidding. But that does inevitably come with the territory of a Youth Services Librarian...

We have brought you conversations with librarians who are in Adult Services, but today, librarian Elissa Zimmer is providing perspectives from the area of the library we call the Kids Corner: It's a chat about the ever-evolving aspects of Youth Librarianship. Zimmer has been full time at this library for about two years now, but she talks about her time working in her hometown (of Kalamazoo), as well as the need to always be brainstorming new craft activities to try out. Beyond that, we also talk about how important the topic of digital literacy for kids and teens is when it comes to the role of a Youth Librarian.


A Little Too Quiet: “Tween Readers” - Partnership with Ferndale Public Schools

We're chatting with Dr. Dania Bazzi, Superintendent of Ferndale Public Schools, as well as Mr. Aaron Blatt, teacher of 6th grade at Ferndale Middle School. We're also chatting with two Youth Services Librarians who collaborate with the schools, as part of our being a District Library, with annual events like Battle of the Books for 5th graders, and a Middle School Book Club. 


A Little Too Quiet: Film Collection minisode with Ed Burns

Reference Librarian Ed Burns is our Head of Adult Services, but he diverges from the stereotype of a librarian being obsessed with BOOKS and is, instead, primarily enchanted by the cinematic arts. Mr. Burns talks about his lifelong love of movies, dating back to his teenage days when he worked in a theater, leading up to his role as a librarian where he curates an excellent and diverse collection of films, providing the crowd-pleasing blockbusters along with the hard-to-find International releases by iconic directors from around the world, as well as up-and-coming independent filmmakers. Mr. Burns is our staff liaison to the Friends of the Ferndale Library; we chat about his time as a library volunteer in the 90's, leading up to his career change to librarianship, as well as his own endorsements for the rewards that can come when there is an active and supportive Friends group for a public library. We also talk about the Oscars, as well as film festivals! 


A Little Too Quiet: Author Kathe Koja

We're chatting with Detroit-based author Kathe Koja about the immersive qualities of her writing - not only in the way in which she creates vivid descriptions and dynamic characters through her words but also through her own theatre company. Koja has a new book of short stories, Velocities, coming out in April. She is currently working on a conceptual "book" that will utterly defy the boundaries of sequential pages between two covers, (it's called "Dark Factory.") Koja has been honored with the Bram Stoker Award and the Locus Award - she writes short fiction, young adult fiction. She is consistently redefining the genre we would conventionally call "horror." 

Referenced in this episode:
Tyke The Little Mutt: https://www.abebooks.com/signed-first-edition/TYKE-Little-Mutt-wDJ-author-signed/383430028/bd

Also, images of her 1990 novel, Cipher, and her upcoming release, Velocites:


A Dead Man in Deptford: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Dead_Man_in_Deptford
Green Velvet - Destination Unknownhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gseTQGX6rY 
more news from Kathe Koja: https://kathekoja.com/news-1/2019/5/15/dark-factory-and-patreon 


A Little Too Quiet: Patience and Fortitude

Here's another minisode where we go over some recent history of the Ferndale Library. From early 2007 through the late summer of 2010, this library began renovations, which meant that the entire collection was moved a quarter mile down the street into a temporary location described herein as a "factory-like gymnasium." We talk about how this was never seen as any kind of setback to the staff, as the drive and imagination for new programming only accelerated during this time. It's also important to note the exchange of support from the community, and the gratitude of staff for its patrons - as the library's renovation was approved by voters at a precarious time (the 2008 recession was looming). We talk about the patience of the community, and the fortitude of the staff, in this minisode on Ferndale Library history.  



Follow this link to see some photos from the renovation and the big move: https://fplobserver.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/photos-from-2008-2009-renovation-the-move-our-temporary-location/ 


A Little Too Quiet: Book Clubs & “What to Read Next?”

We're chatting with Ferndale Library's Assistant Director, Librarian Darlene Hellenberg, about the vital service of "Readers' Advisory." Basically, it's how librarians help YOU figure out what to read next... We're also looking back on ten years' worth of inventive ideas for Community-wide Book Club events, and just what a special experience it is to read as a group. 

We're also sharing Darlene's Top 3 (but actually Top 5) Favorite Books of the Decade (as discussed in the episode):

1. All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr 
2. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman 
3. Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng 
Honorable Mentions:
4. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan
5. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


A Little Too Quiet Mid-Season Sampler

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's downloaded or listened to our first batch of episodes!

We're looking forward to the rest of Season 1 of "A Little Too Quiet," where we'll have more conversations that look at the ways in which libraries have evolved over the last quarter-century.

Featured interview guests include author Kathe Koja (scheduled for a Book Launch Party & Immersive Theatre Performance here at the library on April 25), and musician/producer Nadir Omowale (a Ferndale resident, recently featured in our Summer Concert Series, who was raised with a great appreciation for libraries and community engagement).

We're also looking forward to talking to Joe Grimm (Detroit Free Press Reporter, and author of The Faygo Book), visual artist Dalia Reyes (exhibiting here on June 21), and singer/songwriter & poet Carolyn Striho. 


A Little Too Quiet: Author Michael Zadoorian (The Narcissism of Small Differences)

We're chatting Michael Zadoorian, author of The Leisure Seeker. (You may have even heard, or seen, the recent film adaptation of that story, starring Helen Mirren & Donald Sutherland). Zadoorian has a new book coming out this May, The Narcissism of Small Differences (Akashic Books). Zadoorian creates compelling characters in the slow-motion throes of big changes to their lives, and the relatable ways in which they bond, or have bonded, with cultural artifacts of a steadily fading past. He invites you into their worlds and builds them out with accessible narration that builds a world for the reader to inhabit, leading us to reflect on our own little worlds, and what we hold on to, and the permanence of what we treasure. 

Zadoorian will be at the Ferndale Library on May 14, for a Book Launch Party. http://www.michaelzadoorian.com/